• Previous Projects

    Iterative Decoding Based on Error-Pattern Correction

    Error-Pattern-Correcting Codes: A New Approach to Error Correction Coding
    for Interference-Dominant Channels

    Joint Timing Recovery and Equalization

    Improved Channel Estimation in Wireless MIMO-OFDM Systems

    Reduced-Complexity PHY Archiecture for MIMO Wireless Communication

    Low Complexity Turbo Equalization for ISI and Recording Channels

    Read Channel Development for Perpendicular Recording

    Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Read Channel Development in FPGA

    Bit-interleaved Space-time Coding and Multiplexing Schemes in MIMO systems

    Channel shortening time domain equalizer design and performance
    in coded DMT/OFDM systems

    Time, Frequency and Space Diversity in Coded OFDM

    Joint CFO, Data Symbol and Channel Response Estimator for OFDM Systems

    Iterative Codes

    Channel Modeling and Readback Signal Simulation

    Coding and Antenna Diversity for OFDM System

    Capacity Analysis

    Bit Aspect Ratio Study

    Joint PRML for Interfering Tracks/ Signal Processing for Multiple Read Heads

    Detection in the Presence of Signal Dependent Media Noise

    DVD Channel Equalization and Detection

    Fast Equalization from Fading Tape Channels

    Soft Output Detection

    Asynchronous Sampling

    Bit Error Rate Testing of Advanced Channels

    Maximum Transition Run (MTR) Codes

    Signal Space Detection (SSD)

    3D-110 Channels