We are a research group headed by Prof. Jaekyun Moon in the EE department at KAIST. We do research related to communication and information storage–to sending/receiving or storing/reading information over all types of physical media.

About & Contact

We are looking for new MS and Ph. D. students as well as post-docs in the general areas of communications and data storage. Interested candidates may contact Prof. Jaekyun Moon.

To set up an appointment, contact Prof. J. Moon via email ( or call (+82)010-3596-3487.

Research Areas: Distributed Storage System, Statistical Characterization of Machine Learning, System Error Correction Coding, Waveform, 3D Flash Equalization, Massive MIMO


2018.05  D.-J. Han's paper titled "Combined Window-Filter Waveform Design with Transmitter-Side Channel State Information,"                accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
2018.04  J. Sohn's paper titled "Capacity of Clustered Distributed Storage" accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on               Information Theory
2018.04   M. Choi's paper entitled "Wireless Video Caching and Dynamic Streaming under Differentiated Quality Requirements",               accepted for publication in IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
2018.03    2 papers accepted at IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT) 2018
                - J. Sohn, B. Choi and J. Moon, "A Class of MSR Codes for Clustered Distributed Storage "
                - H. Park, K. Lee, J. Sohn, C. Suh and J. Moon, "Hierarchical Coding for Distributed Computing"
2018.02   H. Park's paper entitled "LDPC Code Design for Distributed Storage: Balancing Repair Bandwidth, Reliability, and Storage                Overhead" published in IEEE Transactions on Communications
2017.12   J. Sohn's paper entitled "On Reusing Pilots Among Interfering Cells in Massive MIMO" published in IEEE Transactions on                Wireless Communications
2017.11   M. Choi's paper entitled "Adaptive Detector Selection for Queue-Stable Word Error Rate Minimization in Connected Vehicle                Receiver Design" accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
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