The Communications and Storage Lab (the "ComSto" Lab) is Prof. J. Moon's research group in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering at KAIST. Our research deals with signal processing and coding for various communication and storage channels.

We are looking for new MS and Ph. D. students as well as post-docs in the general areas of communications and data storage. Interested candidates may contact Prof. Jaekyun Moon (send email to

Our research topics cover a broad range of issues - from highly theoretical capacity studies to more practically-oriented low-complexity algorithms - on equalization, detection, interference cancelation, error correction coding, channel-matched coding, timing recovery and parameter estimation.

The application areas of interest include : wireless MIMO communication, chip-to-chip high-speed interconnect buses, high density disk drives, advanced signal processing for solid state and flash memory devices and interference-dominated wireline communications.

통신, 저장시스템, 신호처리 관련분야에서 심도 깊은 연구를 원하는 석박사 학생, 박사후연구원을 모집합니다. To set up an appointment contact Prof. J. Moon via email: or call 010-3596-3487.