• What are our current interests?

    Consider a simple yet fairly general communication/storage system model:

    We basically want to answer the question: given the noise n and channel interference f(s,n), what is the best way to send and receive the given information b?

    To answer this question, we seek answers to smaller related questions:

    - Coding problem: what is the best c?
    - Capacity analysis: what is maximum reliable information transfer rate?
    - Equalization problem: given the observation r, what is the best estimate on s?
    - Combined equalization/coding: given r, what is the best estimate on b?

  • What are some of the real word applications for our research?

    - Improving storage density and reliability of Flash memories and hard disks
    - Enhancing wireless transmission rates for cell phones and WiFi devices
    - Increasing data rates for high speed cables like 100G Ethernet
    - Enabling ultra high data rates for chip-to-chip or chip-to-memory communication